The Career Summary of Fuso Judicial Affairs Office's Representative


1. Personal Data

Name: Yutaka Jeoffrey Tan
Date of Birth: September 24, 1963
Education:  Graduated Waseda University in March 1988. Bachelor of Economics. 

2. Business Experiences

1)Overseas Sales 
  Had success in cultivating new customers in North, Middle and South Americas and Asia as an Export Specialist at a famous trading house.  
  Assumed the position of General Manager of Purchase at a steel manufacturer and succeeded in changing the conventional ways and structure of purchasing to save more than 100 million yen.
3)New Business Promotion
  Served as a Chief Consultant at a research institute and had an extraordinary experience of producing a unique training program for young Japanese people seeking for career changes in China. This training program was introduced on a TV news show.
4)Domestic Sales
  Accomplished the difficult task of selling an intangible consulting service for reducing facility management cost to local governments, universities and owners of large facilities as the General Manager at a U.S. consulting company. 
5)Project Management 
  Took charge of producing more than one hundred reports on the facility cost-reduction research at the above mentioned U.S. consulting company. 

3. Qualifications

1) Shihoshoshi Lawyer

2) Gyoseishoshi Lawyer
3) Interpreter/Translator certified by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (Japanese-English)
4) Real Estate Transaction Specialist