• Foreign Resident Support Service

Foreign Resident Support Service

We provide "Linguistic and Legal Assistant Services" for foreign residents in Japan
                                                                                                                     Fuso Judicial Affairs Office
Jeoffrey Tan 
You may have already faced difficulties in your daily life in Japan when negotiating on contract terms, doing administrative procedures at public offices or explaining your health conditions to a doctor, because of the language or legal knowledge barriers that lie in between you and the counterparties.        
We are capable of providing you with linguistic and legal assistance to get over these barriers and acquire satisfying consequences.  

The following are the examples of our services.
1. Services pertaining to residential rental agreements
   We assist you in:
   - negotiating and concluding a residential rental agreement,
   - searching for rental apartments and houses,
   - bridging you to appropriate real estate agents. 
2. Services pertaining to real estate sale and purchase
   We assist you in:
   - negotiating and concluding a sale and purchase agreement of real estate,
   - searching for real estate on sale,
   - bridging you to appropriate real estate agents.
3. Services pertaining to daily life contracts
   We assist you in negotiating and concluding contracts related to your daily life.
4. Interpretation and translation services
   We will provide English to Japanese and vice versa interpretation and translation services. 
5. Escort and attending services
   We will escort you to places where you need linguistic or legal assistances (ex. hospitals, public offices,
6. Visa and resident status application services
   We will execute the time-consuming application procedures to the Immigration Bureau on your behalf. 
7. Registration procedures
 We will execute the time-consuming registration procedures to the Legal Affairs Office on your behalf. 

8. Other services
   We welcome any other requests and inquiries asking for our help.

Fees for the above services

Send us an email for more details to: info@fhmpro.com

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